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RE: Update Hyperion SDakota Grassroot Coking Refinery still block Sierra Club gang

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Charles Randall

<Check out my previous News Post Hyperion : Refinery @ 8/21/2010 Hyperion Coking Refinry Update, 5/2/08 Update Oil P/L Poll SDakotans back Refinery & PL and Members Coking @ 8/21/07 First Ref US since 1976 planned, and @ 6/18/07 Project Gorilla – Hyperion eyes S.Dakota >
Here is update on Hyperions S. Dakota attempt at installing US first new (but is US 2nd attempt just behind Arizonas Yuma Grassroots refinery which is having same issues) refinery since 1976 (originally called project Gorilla and first announced in 2007 time frame after spending a couple years in Planning / FEED stage. We are now in 6th year of this $10 Billon coking refinery trying to get thru process (couple years can be discounted due recession caused financing recall). Even though nearly everyone in State/Local level (polling show 65-81% in favor) has been for this plant its permit ,even though approved by EPA/State),has been kept in limbo by repeated law suits by Elite Environmental Nimby groups like Sierra Club.

This is great example of what is wrong with US manufacturing & job creation. A few wing-nuts get to repeatedly throw up roadblocks until they kill a project or bankrupt project finance. Worse is that they not the Government or the people seem to be ones directing (especially in todays liberal administration) EPA actions. Hyperion has had permits approved since 2008 and time extending after each lawsuit blockage this being the latest attempt.

If the US isnt allowed to build new plants, and existing ones are 60-100 years old there is no way for US to remain competitive especially when these same NIMBY groups allow countries like China now worlds pollution leader – to put up several new worldscale grassroot refineries every year. Here is your reason the US gas prices are going up, reason plants have close and jobs are lost and cannot be recreated. Since the US Media is ~same liberal environmental mind set as these elite groups it never covers them as causative agent and instead focuses on Big Oil as cause & Green Energy as solution.

Both the US East Coast and West Coast are now poised for Gasoline & Diesel crisis because of these predatory environmental tactics closing outdated & exhausted refineries (once home to 3 of 7 states creating 75% of US demand) that oil companies have no chance of replacing with grassroots replacements.


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