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RE: Update COP WRN JV Expansion -EPA Rejects Air Permit on Appeal

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Charles Randall

Here is update on COP WRN Refinery JV expansion – EPA rejected air permits which were challenged in appeal by Environmental Integrity Project = behalf NDRC & Sierra Club. The lame excuse was lack of control on flare emissions – flares are for emergency situations, start-up & shutdowns where safety requires actions that are in conflict with normal operations to be effective!
When is EPA going to stop being a shill for these Environmental groups whose real goal is not protection but elimination of anything fossil & especially existing plants future.  The Sierra Club & NDRC are the worst examples representing less than 16% of US opinion but somehow with help EPA, & liberal Media have been able to block 100% of attempts for new refineries last 30 years and to turn any attempted expansions to an ordeal of cost & time that allow only most determined & profitable to attempt it.
This has got to stop! But at least some of it can be laid back at COP’s willingness to pay off these thugs rather than strongly challenge them. A similar challenge for their Rodeo Refinery expansion was met with COP paying nearly $10 Million in “Green Mail” to Sierra Club / NDRC jerks to allow project to proceed.
(And if the way that money was spent by Seria was held same standard for its “green” impact……none of it would have been allowed.) I am afraid it also set a precedent that California Governor Brown welcomed & COP is going to be faced with everytime now, because they now have “easy-pay” label by these groups…..and the opposition lawyers can count on getting paid ….. eventually. 
But of course you cannot argue with COP’s outcome – lot other refinery projects in NIMBY rich California went down in flames/still trying while the COP project went forward with “Sierra blackmail cost”  cheaper than a lawsuit and cost less than +$1/ton on cheapest refinery product made (petcoke over 20 years of project).  But isn’t that how all gangsters, blackmailers & thugs all stay in business – by intimidation and threats and staying just below cost of fighting them based on principal?
Still just makes me want to puke – NIMBY Environmentalist like Sierra Club are able to hold whole industry & even whole country hostage and yet they have the worst track record for doing any Global Environmental good! Meanwhile they wreck the economy, industries & everybody’s domestic jobs because of cost they lied about not existing or push industry to countries that are not held accountable for any environmental control when they do exactly the same process. Moving Refining & Industry processing to countries like India & China where no controls exist has created the current 20 worst polluted cities in world now where 12-14 are in China & 5 are in India and China has risen to become largest polluter with no framework or accountability because these type of groups working with Kyoto did not deem developing countries needed to be held accountable.
There needs to be a movement whereby EPA & the NIMBY groups cannot block any US refinery unless they can show it’s operation will be worse than any of the foreign refineries that now import product into the US.  And Restricting developing countries where no oversight exist but allowing controlled expansion in developed countries
needs to become a goal one for the idiots that created this problem.

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