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RE: Update CNOOC already Expanding Huizhou coking refinery

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Charles Randall

The new $43 B & 12 million mtpy CNOOC-Shell Huizhou Petrochemical & refinery (and new coker) are barley past the start-up runs (Oct-Dec 2007 – see Jan25 coker news post) and paint is still drying….but already they have announced  $7Billion, 22 million mtpy expansion to the plant!
Not mentioned per usual – but this large increase in capacity would also require an expansion on the new 4 drum coking unit (FW Coker Technology licensor- 2005 coking unit & 2006 coker heaters) as well since it will continue be processing additional heavy import crudes (CNOOC fields Bohai Bay – some operated by COP).
It did however mention an additional 1 Million mtpy expansion to its ethylene facility with petrochemical partner Shell (50% JV). CNOOC has become very aggressive on expansion and has previoulsy announced it is looking to purchase 5 independent China refineries and integrate them into chemical plants.
The company’s (CNOOC) plans to acquire independent oil plants, put it firmly on the road to becoming a fully integrated oil firm to take on the country’s government oil duopoly of Sinopec Corp and PetroChina. CNOOC is quielty quadrupling capacity at a plant toproduce bitumen in the booming eastern city of Ningbo to 160 MBD and could eventually turn the faility into a refinery for transportation fuels. (Ningbo like Huizhou will process heavy Bohai Bay crudes).

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