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RE: Update China Maoming Refinery expansion(& Coker) after 2010

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Charles Randall

Here is update on the China Sinopec Maoming Refinery (& coker) expansion/doubling that still lacks approval from Sinopec but is likely still targeted after 2010 (due fuel shortage in region). The 270 MBD crude refinery will nearly double to 510 MBD and get long overdue new Hydrocracker replacement / expansion (existing 16 MBD unit was damaged in April 2008 blast).
Both Sinopec Maoming & Sinopec Gangzhou used to produce low sulfur petcoke but now produce 5-6.0% Sulfur fuel coke (also change is occuring at Sinopec Gaoqiao & Quilu cokers). Although not mentioned here the coker will also be expanded (last coker addition was in 2004 that enabled shift anode to fuel coke).  A products P/L from Maoming Refinery was completed ~2004 that took a load off China Rail system (only 3% China products move by P/L unlike Developed world where 80% move by P/L, most China products move by Rail and so does lot Crude supplies like barrels coming from Russia).
It has been reported that China petcoke production will hit 17 million mtpy by end 2008 from 65 -74 cokers …. depending on how many of local private refineries are actually operating – they do not receive subsidy like Government owned refiners do but must still sell products at capped price under $1.0/gallon. Over 70% of petcoke is consumed by China calciners for Aluminum industry but the amount of fuel coke is growing as more imports of heavy crude fill gap left by declining sweet domestic crudes. The majority of China’s 17-20 new cokers will produce fuel coke. 

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