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RE: Update 3 – China Sinopec Qingdao Ref (&Coker) – Run 70% July

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Charles Randall

Here is update on Sinopec’s 200 MBD Grassroots Qingdao Refinery (& coker) which was brought online early ~ 2 months ago (originally 2009 startup target) to help with domestic fuel needs / Olympic demand & will continue run at 70% crude (up from May estimates of 60%). Sinopec / Reuters is still not mentioning the new coker or Petcoke fired 75MWe CFB (Becomes another one of 16 Boilers that Sinopec has purchased so far over last 10 years from Foster Wheeler). 
It mentions earlier articles receipt of 2 VLCC cargoes of Saudi crude & potential use Kuwait crude as well. (Will need to backfill some those options when new Saudi & Kuwait Refinery (& coker) expansions come online.)
As mentioned before (see May 2008 post) this Refinery & Coker project is just one of 17-20 new cokers &/or coker expansion projects that I show planned for China.
While Qingdao may be the only new refinery on-stream so far this year there are already over 5 new coker additions / expansions brought online so far this year in China.

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