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RE: Update 2 – Sinopec Fujian Refinery gets 1st Saudi Cargo

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Charles Randall

You are not going to be able to just Google into the info on almost any of the China coking units – which is why the O&GJ is only showing 8 coking units in country that has close to 80 sites!  Your best approach would be to spend $8-10k for multi-client study by one petcoke groups like CRU/Jacobs PCQ or ect.
 I would need to know more than just “Guest” label your wearing to consider the request, and you would need to have some information to “trade”.  You are lucky in that this is one of the Government Refinery groups (Sinopec) so there is more individual information – but the news updates on projects almost never mention coking units unless reporting agency has clients in that field.
But Fujian does have anode coker – all existing cokers China would be anode or needle coke since only reason for them to have had coker would be to support existing Aluminum or Steel industries. It is my understanding that anode production is likely fuel now since China imports more than 30% of its crude now from middle east.

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