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RE: UN Climate change Duban summit – Canada Withdrawls……..Go Canada

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Charles Randall

Here are few News alerts on UN Climate Summit for new Kyoto treaty agreement.

The UN & Environmentalist are frantic to patch a new agreement on Kyoto before the 2012 treaty runs out. Latest efforts which still give free pass to so-called developing countries that now account for 58% Global Emissions (China, India, S.Korea & Saudi’s) and $100 Billion “Green Fund” for poor countries to buy their agreement to defunct Kyoto treaty. The cost Canada was over $14 Billion and loss jobs to oversea countries like China not bound to cost or commitments.

It would be ludicrous in any other setting to have the exempt top polluters decry Canada for withdrawing from Kyoto summit when another farce would place developed countries in peril for jobs/finance for yet another 20 years while doing nothing about real polluters. Never mind no one mentions that none of signature countries actually made any of their goals in last 20 years or that Kyoto actually increased Global pollution by raising developing countries to world leaders in emissions and establishing a manufacturing industry there with absolutely no regard for the environment! Stupidity run amuck. As usual liberal press makes mention but does not present failure Kyoto, bribe Fund represents or hypricital role UN/China in summit.

I don’t understand why Japan piled on Canada for withdrawing, since Japan was first to declare they wouldn’t sign new Kyoto agreement unless China/India were held to same standard as Japan. They too like Canada were tired of losing manufacturing jobs because of unfair edge on cost & investment requirement that China did not have to bear.

It is good that Canada had already registered its voters/consumers disapproval of previous liberal’s administrations “Green Shift”. Hopefully US will be able make the same choice – Obama administration has been carefully absent from comment on Canada or the UN summit …. appearing to still follow Bush’s absence and adherence to US Clear Skies program instead of Kyoto (and US did make all of its goals for reduction unlike Kyoto). There is little doubt that the liberal administration would align with UN/Kyoto if it were not an election year & the choice would cost them the re-election given US views on: job/Economy/negative view of Climate Change.

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