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RE: Top Unheading Ergonomics & Hazard Mitigations

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On my unit we have a figure eight type spool on the top head of the coke drums. While the head is about 18 inches from the deck it doesn’t really create a problem for the operators to head up and unhead. The head and stem guide are connected together and swing around on a pivot when heading up/unheading is taking place. The opening is 36 inches wide and while this could create a hazard to an unwary/inattentive operator the chances of anyone actually falling in are somewhat remote. I would not be in favor of using any sort of automatic valve on the top heads as there has been a tendency in the past to over-engineer the top and bottom heads in the interests of safety. The setup we have is just about ideal from a reliability and practical point of view. Having said that, we are supposed to get 4 new Delta valves on our bottom heads during the next turnaround in 2007. Our sister unit already has them and they apparently work very well.
Hope this helps.

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