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RE: Tire Weights – Hang EPA /Groups & Bring back 10ppm Lead Gasoline

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Charles Randall

Gottcha – the EPA & these stupid environmental parties cant have this both ways! They – not foot dragging companies have dismissed solid ounces of lead weights as caustive agent for years when they were mentioned as partial causative agent vs. gasoline lead in only ppm levels.
Also as always in Reporting & Environmental junk science reporting – lead weights don’t get “crushed into bits” that is assine – lead is malleable solid metal it just gets squashed. What does happen is that although lead is impervious to Inorganic Acids like Sulfuric or Hydrochloric (which is why it is used in batteries) but is totally open to attach by natural Organic acids such as acetic acid found in soils or from some types of acid rains.

If these idiots had done their research – we would still have the 10ppm lead gasoline & be thousands of gallons production ahead of system. Refineries need use this and go for adding it back (very little reason completely dropping it out / once it fell below 20ppm levels)

Now that they have destroyed lead paint industry & gasoline lead additives – it is safe bring out tire lead weights and go after them. Both EPA & Environmentalist screwed up so badly on lead paint removal – they had go after gasoline lead as cover. No one supervised the disposal of removed house lead paint, no one reported that reduction microscopic particles created after blasting made the house environment 20X worse than ever or outside paint were left mixed with soil that kids, plant food chain & animals ingested (most time the lower income type houses were oddly enough near expressways & so they blamed gasoline lead).
And NOW they admit tire lead (by way been depositing along roads & highways for over 30 years now – COULD have been cause.

Hang every one of them & liberal press/authors like this that pushes their stupid views.

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