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Be very careful about investing in these types of ventures. Even if the recoverable reserves are what they say they are, you must remember one thing. The monied interests who really run this world, do not want to see an energy independent US. Since the mid seventies, this oligarchy has foisted a policy of “interdependence” on the world so that no one nation can control its own destiny. Their dream is a global governance, in which they literally rule the entire world. That is why the big media, which the monied interests control never report on these fields. Instead they tell us that the US has no substantial reserves and must develop alternative forms of energy. They will stop at nothing to prevent the full development of these fields. The environmental movement, which these people finance and control will soon swarm all over the Dakotas and Montana running to every judge in the land to block all attempts to develop these fields as well as pipelines and refineries. Meanwhile the vast majority of Americans are rushing home tonight to catch the next episode of American Idol or find out the latest on Madonna and A Rods affair. Lord help us.

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