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Charles Randall

Sorry but I dont believe in the “boogeyman” theories about global money guys controlling the world – some of it might happen due to aligned financial interest but I have never seen big ego’s with money agree on anything with any scope to it.
Most of the time the media is just being the  liberal media – and they leave out stories that dont support thier views that is why spreading the full news is so important, and the conserative media is starting to bring some balance into the perspective.
I do believe you are right about the environmental movement blocking the Montana-Dakota fields, it has happened everywhere potential new fossil fuel solutions appear. It is just part of the machinery we have to disable & you do this by exposing it to the light of day with the facts. I strongly disagree with you that majority Americans are disinterested & focused on shallow concerns ……… that is an elite way of thinking that liberal groups believe &  hope to foster and it has never been true.
When you get the facts to American people & they know what is really going on, and they can see results that are damaging their childrens future – then you better stay out of the way because some major but kicking is going to happen…..and that is starting now.  Congressmen & Presidential Canidates are getting pounded for not taking action & to undo sanctions blocking energy exploration. Some permits are starting to get fast tracked, and trade practices are getting a lot of heat for lopsided arrangements.
The last ‘beat up the oil companies” Congress session ended up with lot heat getting reflected back on Liberal Democrats & Environmental postions instead of the oil companies for the first time in decades!
A lot of this gets back to the problem that our elected representitives do not reflect the will of the people that put them in office. I tend to agree with statement that “Politicians are like diapers – they need to be changed regularly and for same reasons”. If you cannot think of anything yours has done to benifit your community then vote him out of office until both parties get the point.
It isnt a case of the boogeymen controlling everything – its just getting oversight back into control people instead of self serving elites who think they know best.

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