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Charles Randall

Here is news item on industry emissions fed into EPA database – which is as expected just feed into liberal environmental groups who are already miss-using data and making false negative statements. It is also appropriate that EPA’s Air Quality Chief is named “McCarthy” who’s EPA trojan horse data was touted as a tool to “help” government and industry cut emissions. The EPA has morphed into another Administration Czar-like group which gets circumvent approval by Congress and the people they represent to enforce growing regulations that are at their core liberal environmental anti-business positions that are more about wealth redistribution than the environment (otherwise they would be taking action against China imports from the worlds leading polluter whose contaminated (lead, ect) products have actually been killing Americans).

It was already a given that Texas, California and any of the other 4 states that now supply the nation with 75% of its gasoline & diesel would have higher greenhouse emissions than the 39 states that have little or no refining plants and have outsourced their production to the “Sensible Six”.
Texas and other 5 states should “Reallocate” a portion of their emissions back to the “Nimbi” states they supply with fuel and put surcharge on its true source generators.

But some real truth is here – if you catch it …. like the one line that says Refining & Chemical plants account for only 13-15% of emissions from 6700 plants whee 61% emissions come from coal plants (whose major emission is really just CO2 – Environmentalist have wrongly labeled a pollutant since it compromises 1/5th of Earths atmosphere and life would not exist without it).

And in consistent comment on the ignorance environmentalist/journalist about all things in Oil industry – they still capture pictures of plants steam release and use as though its emission – Nice picture of XOM Baytown Delayed Coker behind trees however.

Under the Obama administration & its new directives the EPA really has finally and totally crossed over to the “Dark Side” where it has become an agent for liberal environmental anti-oil & industry regulations that take marching orders and feed forced collected data back into groups like: the Environmental Defense Fund, Environmental Texas, National Resource Defense Council, and Serria Club to name just few (none of these are despite names are official government scientific groups to study the environment – despite names that try portray that false assumption).

The blocking of Keystone XL pipeline, California Carbon Tax, EPA Clean Water, new NRC interpretations are just few of runaway regulations that are killing US jobs before they have chance to be reborn. The Environmentalist are of course despite in 2012 as their beloved and failed Kyoto is set to die as the treaty comes up for renewal – in light of real scientific conclusions about “man-made Greenhouse” emissions limited impact and global rejection of allowing developing nations to avoid emission regulations. These “Developing Nations” have globally stole jobs from responsible Western producers whose markets they have taken on thier road to become current world leaders in pollution. Canada, Japan and others have announced preemptive veto’s of treaty renewal – in the past US has been alone in its rejection & pursued its own “Blue Skies” program which unlike Kyoto did achieve its goals. The current EPA program allows little doubt that if this was not election year for Obama administration – he would be leading the parade to join Kyoto pact and knowing it would cost more US jobs that current EPA programs have.

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