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RE: Tesoro Strikes huge G.Eagle Petcoke deal Sinochem

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Charles Randall

Here is update by East County Times / Paul Burgarino on the Tesoro Golden Eagle New Delayed Coker that started up this year. This news item is about a Petcoke deal with Sinochem that has been in the works since 2006 or almost as long as the new coker.
Tesoro replaced its Fluid coker with a delayed coking unit (COP technology) as part of its capacity expansion (see news post Jan 1, 2007; May 14, 2007, Feb 17, 2008 ~ news thread on
The Tesoro deal with Sinochem suggest that the new petcoke is at estimated 2.2% Sulfur level and probably calcinable.  And if the production tons match estimated 800,000 mtpy then this deal would represent almost half the China domestic export tons that Sinochem handles now (~1.5 million mtpy or ~10% of China production).
Tesoro also skirted another issue by moving the export thru Koch Carbon’s petcoke silos at POLB – (all export petcoke must now be kept in covered storage) and there was large volume petcoke (~3 million mtpy) displaced when the LAXT petcoke export terminal was closed.

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