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RE: Tesoro Anacortes deadly blast caused Inadequate Maintenance

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Charles Randall

Tesoro’s deadly blast that killed 7 workers was sourced back to inadequate maintenance by the US Chemical Safety Board.
Along the lines of “Back to the Future” the thought of “Back to Basics” on maintenance & safety should be going through the Oil Industry after a long series of accidents and loss of life. This is industry known for strong safety practice “Everyone going home alive” but cutbacks and lack of options for setting up newer plants is putting deadly focus on relaxed practices that are even more necessary in 60-100 year old plants.
Tesoro Anacortes was in line for a new coker in the 2006-2011 coking cycle but canceled during the extreme spike in project cost led by Overspeculated commodities by Wallstreet and overbid manpower cost as large number coking projects were scheduled for same time period. Both COP & Tesoro canceled Washington refinery coking projects which had doubled in cost to allow completion of other coker projects higher on priority list.

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