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Charles Randall

RE Mazirra/Tech Conulting Services
Sorry but everyone knows that is load crap used in self serving brochures or talking points for Green Energy companies or Environmentalist. Even US with strong NG supplies cannot afford any sizeable switch to NG without driving price thru roof and other users out of business.
NG is a limited source worldwide and its use for power is only as last resort and makes that plant too expensive for industrial power in export products. The worldwide position has two extremes – most places either dont have enough or lack infrastructure to use in any capacity (Residential, Industrial, Chemical ect) or they are Energy producers that have to either burn or export LNG. The site value for gas going into LNG must be less than $0.90-1.80/MMBTU so that the cost to store/conver/transport LNG stays under $4.50/MMBTU that it has to deliver at in order to be competative with alternate fuels. Even when companies take the plung and invest in this infrastructure – the exporting countries always find better value use before it pays out & install petrochemical plants or P/L to regional residential or industrial users.
All folks that put in USGC LNG facilities betting on Russian NG exports are now going bankrupt in the short term underpriced NG market and by the time economy recovers Russia will installed the Summer tankage it needs to keep the NG for heavy winter Europe demand.
The only Long Term price support is driven by the environmental fraud posing as Global Warming/Climate change which is trying to impose huge unnecessary penalities in form of equipment investment or emission offsets. Since all the top major world emitters are now developing countries exempt from these issues they are unlikely to switch to sources NG they do not have.  

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