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RE: TCEQ does out $3MM fines – Mayor Houston attacks Lyondell

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Charles Randall

Here are couple recent news items on the Democratic Liberal Houston Mayor using his office for making personal attack’s on Lyondell & giving anti-Oil signals to the State TCEQ instead of taking care of his “day job” as Mayor. There is also article about the TCEQ handing out $3MM fines that go back to Liberal Environmental Projects which also sends another type signal that State agencies will reward them for attacks against Oil Industry.
Since this is Mayor Whites 2rd term – this should come as no surprise to us, but he has pushed his anti-industry agenda’s to the front & we all should make an effort that the Democratic groups do not get a shot for the Mayor position on the next election/3rd term. As public official he knows the huge tax revenue that comes from these industries and the security on gasoline & fuel supplies it affords Texas at a time when most other liberal anti-oil industry states have long gas station lines (since over 38 states have little to no refining capacity).
The TCEQ using fines as rewards to Liberal Environmental groups for projects that obviously do not make their own budget list or those of state, is huge waste for revenue that should be going to support projects that help correct the emissions problems, or a fund to purchase houses around industrial sites that should never have become housing areas in the first place.
Somehow the Federal, State & local agencies have decided that they are partners with liberal anti-industry activist groups instead of partners with the companies and industry that they are paid to oversee and help.  We need to start getting workers & conservatives showing up at some of their meetings to change this attitude & also work on showing the door to the local politicians that foster their current viewpoint.  Then next TCEQ agenda meeting is Oct 22 – why not go & interject some reality into their understanding of what Texans feel about their approaches?

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