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RE: Tarball


I Forgot to tell you that we develop a procedure for cases where the drum had less than 6 hours in service for any eventuality that no allow  the completion of the cycle , The procedure was inject flushing oil ( in ours service header, we have a 2″  line of flushing oil) we inject steam (standard procedure) and simultaneously be injected washing oil  during the same amount of time it was the drum in service.
 later this mix was sent to the coke condensate system (always remains some of steam at the bottom of the drum)
This was done for 3 times, and then washed system coke condensate to
to ensure the displacement of this system.  when we opened the drum we not found nothing in the drum
This procedure was applied in almost 6 opportunities without any upset, avoiding presence of residue in the pit or pad
Im sorry for my english

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