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RE: Sunoco Tulsa Cancels Coker – still plans sell


Charles Randall

RE -Commenbt that title of thread is misleading & article was about distillate hydrotreater.
You are probably right that the title should have matched the news lead & project a little more. But the $400 MM project was more than just distillate hydrotreater – it was the Sunoco Diesel upgrade / ULSD project that added both equipment & infrastructure to shove the industrial distillate into the Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel pool.  Sweet Crude Refineries often have more problems shifting product sulfur levels than thier Heavy/Sour Crude counterparts.
Also I often use an existing news lead to discuss company/refinery/coker background or upcoming coker project which is my main tracking focus……but I should have done that on followup comments or intro comments & will try edit/correct post if I can.
FYI – since Sunoco has cancled the ULSD project it does mean any drum replacement or coker debottlenecking project to take advantage of any heavy crude opportunities. While Sunoco is likely save some lost equity investment (ie you never get value back on putting in swiming pool when your selling your house) it will loose big on eventual sales value which new buyer will derate refining asset much more than the project would have cost.
Recent news also hints at Sunoco looking at being partner for one Canadian Bitumen crude producers along lines Husky & Encanada partners for BP & COP….. clearly Sunoco Tulsa Refinery is not going to be a canidate.

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