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I have a frequently problem with sulfur rundown line.FYI: we use 2 stage reactors and 3 stage condensers so there are 3 line rundowns to seal pot and pit.We often face sulfur plugging on that sulfur rundown lines. to solve that plug problem we usually open step by step every cross joint in rundown line and clean the sulfur plug.I have a view questions about rundown sulfur:
a. Actually what is philosophy of sulfur rundown line ?
b. Is there rule of rundown sulfur design? (In my plant we have 3 different lay out and no common design every rundown sulfur, one has 3 cross joint, other have 5 and 6 cross joints).
c. Is there any relation sulfur rundown design with pressure system?
d. Can I minimize the sulfur rundown length by removing 2 or 3 cross joints?

Thanks [:)]

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