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Pete Bisila

“Questions – are all your problems you described in your prior notes caused by your original pump or the new one? Or both? Were modifications made by your reliability group or the vendor?

If possible, bring the vendor out to the field and have them check it out.”
We are having the most problems with a pair of our new pumps, and vitually no problems with the pair of original pumps with faster motors.  We have a third set of new pumps that are in between. All three sets are slightly different.
We started with the factory clearances in 2005 and immediately had problems with the pumps tripping out and locking up.  Our reliability group recommended opening up the clearances on the pumps and installing trap bypasses, and that has worked for the third set of pumps.  We had the vice president of engineering from the manufacturer onsite to look at the setup and talk about the pumps.  They didn’t have much to offer in the way of solutions. 

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