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Charles Randall

Admin is always too polite about this type inquiry – so forgive me for butting in here but…..
Lot of Operation types may be taking a breather since the FCC’s were key focus in both New Source Review (NSR) and in the Low Sulfur Fuels (LS) additions – often refineries did second as remedy for NSR fix to thier previous expansion since +70% sulfur in gasoline comes from the FCC Naphtha & Coker gasoline streams.
Second – bloggers at come in two types, first type brings a FCC topic, company fix/development,  FCC problem, or news item to kick off discussion. 
The second type sits on his butt, doesnt invest any effort and then whines about not getting free information.  Suggest you move out first camp & into second.  At minimum why don’t you do search and post something to make amends.
Charlie Randall

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