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RE: soft coke formation in the coke drum

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james jones

‘he s’tuat’on you refer to ‘s a short run drum. there are several schools of thought on how to handle th’s s’tuat’on. ‘he key var’able ‘s how long you were ‘n the drum at cok’ng temperature pr’or to feed loss. We feel that ‘n s’x hours at cok’ng temperature (I go by a drum overhead temperature of 800*F as cok’ng temp.)that the drum at that po’nt can be quenched as normal. Less than 6 hours at cok’ng temp. ‘t becomes tr’cky. In all cases at the loss of feed try to get steam go’ng ‘nto the drum. If steam flow can be establ’shed then you have a couple of cho’ces. If you can put steam through your heater and you can put on some burners to super heat the steam to a temperature that w’ll cook the res’d ‘n the drum. If putt’ng the steam through the furnaces ‘s not an opt’on then extend your steam’ng of the drum for up to 24 hours, and extend your water quench.We would try to dra’n to the p’t, but ‘f o’l ‘s present we would dra’n to our coke condensate drum then rewater quench. If you can’t get steam ‘n the drum, then top water quench’ng may be your only opt’on. In any case get your techn’cal people ‘nvolved when deal’ng w’th a short run drum.

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