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RE: soft coke formation in the coke drum

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Lucibar Davalillo

Here is my 2 cents on this…
That kind of failure is typical in cokers, but it becomes part of the most difficult decission as well.. what would i do? here are my rule of thombs: 1) if you were not more than 20 minutes with  cold material (less than 750 DegF) and still far away (less than 2/3 of coking cycle) before switching, i’d go back into the coke drum and cook it as hard i can; 2) if you were over 20 min with cold feed, but less than 1 hr, now you need to be very early in coking cycle (less than 1/3 of coking cycle), before you attemp a crazy comeback to that drum.  3) if you already passed 2/3 of coking cycle, do not even try going back and get prepared for the worst.

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