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RE: Sinopec's Beihai crude base ready in Sept 2011

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Charles Randall

Update on Sinopec’s Beihai/Guangxi Crude Reserve & associated projects. It provides info updates on several other coker key points:
– China/Sinopec has continued filling their large Strategic Reserve System at 30% increased rates over last year (China ~ shut down filling when the crude prices topped $75-80/Bbl & its understandable once rates fell below that they would resume (has likely offset some WW refinery economic turndowns & closures).
– Sinopec’s New Grassroots 200MBD Beihai/Guangxi Refinery (~2015 completion) is still in planning stage & has not been submitted to Beijing for approval.
– PetroChina’s New 200MBD Quinzhou/Guangxi Refinery is ready for start-up this year. <Project will have a new coker as well>
Remember the Sinopec Beihai Coking Refinery was originally a tiny 12MBD Refinery (news ~ Feb 2010) that was relocated to Guangxi near Vietnam because of environmental reasons & was part base for Refinery & Petrochemical 200MBD expansion project.
CNPC/PetroChina’s Quiznhou/Guangxi Coking Refinery project updates have always been postscrip to most Sinopec’s Beihai expansion news because they are in same province.<Note Do not confuse CNPC Quinzhou with the CNOOC’s Huzihou/Bohi Bay new coking refinery that really came online in May 2009 (calciner Aug 2009) which didn’t get operational / full capacity until ~ 1Q2010. It also began a Phase II expansion (with additonal coker) before completion of Phase I. It is also not in Guangxi province the article but is in Guangdong province.> 

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