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RE: Sinopec Jinling Refinery (&coker) expansion update

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Charles Randall

News Update on Sinopec Jinling Refinery (& Coker) Expansion. The refinery capacity is being expanded by 33% by 2010 which includes the 6% processing increase this year after its maintenance turnaround in April/May 2008.
Not mentioned in this article is the addition of coking capacity planned for the heavy crude expansion. The Sinopec Jinling Refinery is shown on the OGJ survey as the Nanjing refinery but does not show a coker – in fact the OGJ only shows China with 8 coking units making 1.4 million tpy coke and my list shows China with 39 coking units making 11.9 million TPY petcoke. (Note since IEA uses the OGJ Worldwide survey it will also have the OGJ numbers just in case you are doing global petcoke balance). 
The Jinling coking expansion (currently has operating coker) is one of +17 refineries in China adding or expanding coking capacity.
Charlie Randall

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