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RE: Sinopec Jinling Coking Refinery Major Maintenance 2Q08

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Charles Randall

Here is update on Sinopec’s Jinling refinery turnaround plans which include work on coker(‘s? – I show current 3 coking units at this site – 1 anode & 2 fuel (4.5%S) coking units for total ~800 kmtpy) . 
I also have Jinling down for an expansion to 4th coker with +400 kmtpy on this coker site by 2010 – let me know if anyone has better update.
My figures have China with about 36% increase in coking since 2000 with total of ~ 39 refineries have coking sites and making ~ 32,000 tpd petcoke. There are nearly 17 new additions/expansions like Jinling planned from 2007- 2011 and will add another 60% production ~+7 million tpy putting it ~ equal to Texas current (not after new additions Pt Arthur, Borger, Corpus ect) coking capacity. <FYI – beware Current OGJ 2007 WW survey shows only 8 coking sites on 52 refineries & 4,000 tpd coke capacity ……historically always been way too low >
Also take close read about China shutting down diesel exports & put cap on price to bail out domestic demand picture gas fuel rationing / stop inflation & industries from going critical. The independents didn’t have the governments deep pockets to buy $50-100/Bbl crude & sell $0.84/liter gasoline or $ 0.71/liter diesel domestically at a capped price. I am going post a general statement on these lines to capture all crap that this gets into. 

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