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RE: Shell's Expansionary view – interconnecting Energy, Water & Foood

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Charles Randall

Here is another good article from OGJ about Shell’s new way of projecting supply & demand values by evaluating the interconnecting systems of Energy, Water & Food.
Short read is that Energy requires great deal of water for production, and major cost of water in US is of course Energy. The production of food requires a great deal of both energy & water.

This makes a natural fit for US Gulf Coast production of all three – since there are huge concentrations of Oil & Gas reserves, Major river (Mississippi) as well as US largest Acquifer in Texas and of course tropical climate and extended growing seasons for area.
The details & study of overlapping elements also help highlight future limits on critical limits from any specific one – which are already impacting many other regions in US. Ethanol impacts on food have spiked prices, and caused famine in less developed countries already. Water is already in critical supply in most of the world and any major impact from spills or contamination bring it into sharp relief – the fracturing for Natural Gas in shale areas has caused major issues in the US.

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