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RE: Shell Restarts Anacortes Coking Refinery

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Charles Randall

A contact of mine – reminded me that Hovensa/Virgin Islands is waivered from the Jones Act / Maritime Act 1920.
So its placement petcoke must be more driven by higher fuel coke price in EU market & fact that its petcoke stays around 4.5%S due straight VZ crude, whereas Aruba/StCroix pecoke can rise ~+5.0%S
because its only 50% VZ crude and has taken in other sour crudes (even Maya sometimes).

Looking back at notes the Jones Act is really only about the Maritime Act of 1920 whereas there was almost same act/wording for passenger vessels in 1896 that applied to my comments around control Alaska Gold traffic. It was separate act but all same intent/purpose of Jones act.


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