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RE: Russia's Toxic Rivers (& old Refineries) Running Out Time

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Charles Randall

Here is insight into the environmental mess that Kyoto has helped put in place – Russia has risen from the worlds 9th largest polluter to 4th place, a rise almost as dramatic as China’s rise to top polluter from the worlds 7th place. Any Global progress has been set back at least 20 years by increase in pollution from these countries.
The Volga river in Russia and the refineries dumping into it is only eclipsed by China’s Yellow river and both owe the increased collapse of their environment to the Kyoto exclusion & exclusion from obligations for their industry to be held accountable for envrironmetal controls to be locked with growth. 
All the environmental community & groups need to be held accountable for the terrible negative impact to the environment that the failed and fradulent based Kyoto treaty and its emission trading scheme has created.
Instead everything is being ignored by media & politicians and pressure is being applied to force more countries to join the failed treaty that has yet to meet any goals, has been proven by the real scientific community to be fraudulent, and at its best is little more than an emissions trading scam. 
Both Russia & China have changed directions from privatization towards Government owned Oil industries that are subsidized and escape accountability their few remaining independent counterparts have. It is clearly a point that begs question why they are allowed to maintain WTO status in light of their transgressions? 
This also underlines the point that ExxonMobil, ConocoPhillips and Marathon made to Congress about Government owned companies, their dominant position given to them by stupid legislation, the mess they have made of the market, and their advantage position in comparison to US and its hostile government + environmental relationship.

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