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RE: Rome Church "Eats" Smog – Cement+TiO2

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Charles Randall

This Rome Church example is a really innovative / creative application that could benefit either Ref’nery building construction or applications to surrounding community (churches ect) following this principle.

The Cement industry is the largest consumer of petroleum fuel coke in the world.  This article was forwarded to me by CemReview who puts out a monthly Petcoke report slanted towards the cement industry. The inclusion of  TiO2 enables the cement structure to break down Nitrogen Oxides from combustion using the self cleaning properties of TiO2 seen in other applications.

I have seen several versions of TiO2 (Titanium Dioxide) using nanotechnology applications for Office Window glass (repels raindrops & dust particles ~ eliminates need cleaning big multi-story office bldg), or automobile glass (windscreen elimintates some need for wipers) using the solar activated / photocatalytic properties of TiO2 part’cles.  The TiO2 industry (Chloride process) by the way consumes ~10% of all global calcined petcoke.

The construction cost in a lot of these applications is often +20-40% more than its conventional counterpart – therefore since the construction company often makes the materials final choice …… the preference is seldom made by Designer or end Customer because they put pressure on construction company to stay within budget – sort of a “Who’s on First” type comedy. The exceptions are where it is requested as in the Rome Church.

This represents a unique opportunity to circumvent the environmental impacts from refining coking application by using un’que application of materials that can be sourced back to industries that consume petroleum coke in their process.

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