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RE: Rome Church "Eats" Smog – Cement+TiO2

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Charles Randall

FYI – I forgot one other reason for forwarding this article around – besides the environmental /nanotechnology application and integration aspect for petcoke into consuming industries like the TiO2 and Cement. The other reason was it reminded met of growing applications of TiO2 and the China Factor for huge growth spurt for TiO2 Chloride pigment & coke consumption.
All TiO2 & Coke Forecasters should be putting a “LOT” more increase towards the production TiO2 pigment and also consumption of calcined coke into the TiO2 industry for China.
The big problems/health issues around China lead contamination & use lead paint in US goods for children & food industry contamination is going really drive the conversion away from China lead based paint (to avoid being blocked from US markets) and into using more TiO2 based paints. And because all global new plants have been the Chloride process (that consumes petcoke) and not Sulfate process (that makes 10 tons waste per ton product) which exist predominately (few new plants are Chloride) in China – there will be a 3X fold increase this market for China.
One fold increase for increasing growth demand for paint (China accounts for 80% global growth in TiO2, but
pre-2006 it has been mostly sulfate); one fold increase for conversion of existing lead plants demand into TiO2 plants; and another fold increase for conversion of existing Sulfate production into Chloride process (will likely occur as scale up of new & closing of older / smaller Sulfate plants). The past Forecast projections for China have been for a slower process that wouldn’t have all new China TiO2 plants be 90-100% Chloride until after 2010 & with a slower elimination of older operating plants. This could be a serious under-estimation of what will likely occur due US pushback on China lead issues and potential for sanctions without major program rapid change on both lead & environmental issues in general.
The Global TiO2 process has been converting from Sulfate to Chloride technology over the years (US is ~90% Chloride due DuPont focus, whereas China is about 75% Sulfate) in much the same way that Aluminum Anode process has converted from Soderberg to Prebaked technology. Prebaked became primary (+50%) technology in 1985 and most new plants became prebaked. Chloride became primary (+50%) technology in 1990 and most new plants have been Chloride (with exception China) <Another similarity newer processes both these industries is that both use ~ 0.35 mt calcined coke per ton product made.>

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