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RE: RIL's Jamnagar refinery expansion by March '08

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Charles Randall

The expansion of Jamnagar has moved out the planning stage into EPC stage, with a target date of March 2008 (but is later than original Jul 2005 news release citing an August 2006 completion date) instead of the OGJ Nov 2005 construction report showing a planning stage completion date of 2010. It also means that the new coking unit drums are likely in the procurement stage with Bechtel doing procurement / Foster Wheeler doing the technology.
As indicated this expansion puts Jamnagar into first place rankings for single location capacity, and should keep the coking unit in its worlds largest coker with the drum additions – not an easy title to hang onto with MAP Garyville doubling capacity and Canadian Suncor Upgrader into their 3rd upgrader & coking unit with over 16 coke drums already installed.
Charlie Randall

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