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RE: Request credible Coker emergencies?


Tim Sawyer

Thanks guys!
     Tarry Drum Scenario (3 hrs after switch, furnace trip leading to plugged drum inlet)
     Foam Over (Bad Drum Switch, dropping inlet temperatures to 800F with antifoam aligned to the wrong drum).  
     Stuck Drill Stem (or cutting system malfunction causing a delay in coke removal operation)
     Hot Spot during cutting ( due to bad quenching of the drum.)
     Dead-Head Scenario (closed block valve on coke drum inlet, causing heater tube rupture/fire)
     Fires due to coke drum valving misalignment (HCGO quench oil flowing to open drum, coke drum overhead valves opened to open drum, coke drum inlet line opened to drain)
     Cool down scenarios
o       furnace tripping, long recovery coupled by failing to introduce enough cutterstock to the bottom of the main frac, leading to high viscosities or even partial solidification, and the inability to start the charge pumps
o       Low rates, leading to a cold blowdown system, leading to HGO transfer pump issues.

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