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RE: Reliance Coker Cost Reply


Charles Randall

The cost of a coker in almost any refinery is a meaningless value for almost anyone except vendor bidding on that aspect of the project. The Reliance Expansion was nearly a complete duplication of the existing Mega coking Refinery (660MBD) by adding a new $5.7B, 580MBD, complex 8 drum coking refinery/petrochemical complex.
Since a coker is a Mid-Stream unit, you cannot just add this unit (except in rare cases) unless you expand both the capacity in upstream crude/desalter/vacuum distillation section and the downsteam units handling the intermediate products like FCC (due Coker gas oil feed), Alky (c3 & c4 Olefins), HDS units (~75% all gasoline sulfur comes from  Coker/FCC units) and Reformer units. So stand alone coker projects do not correctly reflect the true cost of adding a coker because they do not carry the unit expansion cost required from its addition.
You could back into the bulk of stand-alone coker portion by adding up Foster Wheelers EPC project contract cost to put in the 8 drum coking unit & its EPC project cost for the 4 delayed coking furnace contract. There are great deal of the current Reliance Export Refinery project & previous initial project news release on cost posted on the coker & refinery news items – you can dig out the values and compare to SEC reports earnings capital cost recaps.
But it is pusedo value that is still very misleading, more so due to todays multiplicity of downstream unit options & products. Because of its size and the low labor cost the Reliance coker values on Capital $/per BPSD project cost are at the low end of these stand alone type coker cost. Hope this helps

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