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Charles Randall

Thanks for input but both Hydrocarbon Processing & Oil and Gas Journal Construction updates are geared primarily to new projects or work that is in EPC & construction stage. And its focus is usually on planned Maintenance / Turnaround work although some updates include Unplanned work but not consistently.  (There are better sources for forecast work around Global regions – see Members Maintanence section for Bloomberg, Dow & others monthly forecast).
But the issue here was making sure that all the temporary : Economic shutdowns and other temporary closures are accounted for in addition to permant closures so there is true read on Refinery Utilizations.
EIA shows both “Operable” and “Operating” Capacity/Utilizations and as mentioned past they were ~same (neither discount any Maint Plan & Unplan T/A from capacity) but now with pending sales, bad economics lot reports are still using the “Operating” values which do not include true Utilization rates because most of the temporary offline capacity could be restarted within 30-60 days just like T/A capacity and should be included.
The difference becomes problem and you get duffas 90% Operating Utliization during peak capacity this summer when it should have benn ~84% Operable Utilization due oversign & some 775MBD operable capacity not counted!

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