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Charles Randall

Thanks Makis – helps clear things up. So local design group did Coker technology but Foster Wheeler did Coker Furnaces on 2007 new coker at Ufaneftekhim. And Local design group put in new preheater furnace.
There is no way to make acceptable green anode coke with Hi VM above 12% (both RD & porosity/pitch use be outside spec range) – so did the anode coke go off spec & you are making high VM to use as blend for Blast coke use in steel industry as alternate?  Also most places that try use coke particles ( inject calcine coke) are trying to shift fuel coke out of shot and back into sponge type coke – usually this can cause hot spots in coke drums from premature coking of resid (calcine acts as seed crystal/catalysts and precipitates coke formation before temperature is ready).
One last thought is that if you are backing off the coker furnace to leave the coke with high / 15% VM it doesn’t make lot sense to add preheater to put in more duty ahead of coker does it?  

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