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RE: Rail Track Repair



If you are going to drain the railcars on the track (great idea), you will need to install a subsurface drainage system and concrete ties would be better if you want to continue to use ballasted track.  The problem that you have is that the coke fines will clog the ballast and impede the flow of water to the drains.  The best manner to permanently resolve this issue is to fix the rails to a reinforced concrete slab designed for rail loading.  The slab can be sloped to a central or exterior channel that captures the water and fines and carries it to your treatment facility.  The channel can have basins/traps for settling the fines so that they do not get to your drain system.  We have built similar track slabs/drains at fueling and other facilities and can help you with a design solution to this problem if you like.   Ed

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