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RE: Quench water draining


Lucibar Davalillo

I have not heard many having such problem; of course, it may happen due to different reasons; poor vent design may be one, but it would have to happen for every single drum, rather than an isolated case; others come to my mind are followings:
i) isolation valves at psv inadvertely left open or large leaks, ii) very rear long enough coke bed chanelling, which would evident if lot clean cold water is being drained, iii) if slides valves installed, opening too fast and draining through it; iv) almost forgot the possibility of starting draining at very low pressure due to: a) blowdown drum vapors line up to flare, b) blowdown vapors recovered by ejectors or ring compressors, in order to meet new environmental regulations set by NSPS CFR 60 Subpart Ja, which establishes lowering drum pressure below 5 psig before venting.
Is there any coker following such regulation (believe applies for new construction since May 2007 ?

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