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Re: Publishers bold refinery plan raises eyebrows

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Josh, thanks for ginivg your association. I can be frank instead of attempting to tutor.The climate threat is ridiculous. The carbon dioxide increase is how much, 10% over Mexican oil? Plus, with the location, it is a prime candidate for CO2 injection to assist oil production. This is assuming you consider CO2 increase to be a negative, when I am of the opinion that increased CO2 and the mildly warmer and wetter world it would provide are a boon to humanity.As for safety issues, you’re deluding yourself. The primary cause of pipeline explosions is theft. Pipelines have fewer and smaller accidents than trucks or trains, and it is by far the cheapest, safest, and most efficient method of transport. As for environmental protection, that’s Canada’s business. To my knowledge, all proposed new drill sites do not have tailings ponds. I suggest you spend your time arguing for stricter permitting requirements rather than protesting the most environmentally friendly part of the entire project.Your obstructionism is doing nothing but harming the planet and risking lives,

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