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Charles Randall

CBI-Lummus Guest,
It is an easy problem to solve if you do have better numbers then either put up or shut up about the count. All your competitors take bragging rights about how many delayed coke units that they have licensed for their coker technology & which ones they are. Whenever a company doesn’t and quotes a lot of related experience it is usually because they don’t have the numbers / a very large count and want to try level the field thru using related fields areas
If the Lummus number is not 20 DCU process technology license you mentioned then what is your total? And for this total we don’t count Coker Furnace projects, Coker drum verticle plates, and all the other process tweaks – just the DCU Technology license on the coking process for whole unit?
I am sure of my numbers & they dont leave you with lot room. I know there are just short of 230 coking “sites” Globably (counting Upgraders) and the companies I mentioned (including Lummus 20) total to about 218 DCU coke license. And there are about 20 that have older process technology from Russia/Romaina/Asia that will not be used in future or in revamps today that I didnt mention for that reason.  
Now there is some overlap at sites where refineries changed from one supplier technology to another or had one newer units at mutiple coke unit site done by a competitor which might give few additional units but not enough for Lummus to claim 30-60 DCU technology licenses.  

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