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Charles Randall

Thanks to CBI/Lummus guest who posted the information on about DCU process licensors & background – most other the top players listed can also make the same sort of brochure / advertisement claims about years of experience in design coking units, accumulated commercial data feedback from operating units and involvements in many coking projects outside their coke licensing ….including a lot of those integrated companies mentioned but not credited with doing coke licensing. (Course we would soon run out of space).
The key piece of information I see relating to coke licensing question is that Lummus/CBI-Lummus has done ~20 DCU process licensed units (my estimate/SWAG had been somewhere between 5-22). 
While the 30 DCU projects & feedback from the 60 DCU installation is good info – they weren’t licensed by CBI-Lummus and could be missleading. No one should doubt that any of the companies I mentioned are long time players with a lot depth in Coking areas.

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