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To add and clarify some of the information posted on DCU process licensors….
Lummus Technology has over 70 years of experience in the design of delayed coking units. Our designs are based on the continuous refinement of the technology utilizing accumulated data and feedback from more than 60 commercial/installations processing a variety of feedstocks and meeting various product goals including fuel coke, anode coke, and various grades of needle coke. Since 1990, Lummus has completed more than 30 DCU projects and more than 20 grass-roots licensed units.  These projects included advanced features for personnel safety and efficient designs to minimize investment and operating costs while maintaining operating flexibility.
Lummus also designs and supplies the essential heat transfer equipment for the DCU.  Lummus Heaters and Helixchangers have proven reliability and performance not only in the Lummus licensed DCUs, but in numerous cokers and other process units throughout the global refining industry.
As noted, the CB&I parent of Lummus is one of the largest coke drum suppliers in the world.  Their design advances — namely the vertical plate coke drum and the T-Rex skirt-to-shell attachment design — have established major improvements in coke drum reliability and operating life.

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