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Charles Randall

Guest – no I dont really track “Coker License” – I track coker projects but since the license leads installation of coking unit by at least 2-5 years before unit startup its good way firm up project list & coker count.
When/if I give update on coking units it will be under registered coker section so you need sign up there also.
Tracking got lot harder post 2009 since we had lot Drum manufacturing and Engineering-Procurement-Construciton (EPC) firms taker more active roll in coker license (hence lot discussion thread on this site).
We also had ConocoPhillips hive off its Coking Technology & some of its people to Bechtel who was EPC company that used partner on COP for lot early drums ……… unfortunately they have yet to post even 2010
COP coker license tables & several of 2010-2014 coker license have not been announced yet.
CBI-Lummus doesnt really publish a “public” list of coker license – but does have the mixed project list for clients that I havent seen recently.  Make more complicated couple of China Government EPC-Coker license firms have gone global (Sinopec & CNPC) doing units in Sudan & Middle East in addition to JV projects in China. 
As I mention in Refining section – the Oil & Gas WW Refinery summary tables on coking units has really gone to crap also. The Jan 2012 (2011 Capacity) tables US & WW are basically just same as last years with few of name changes on refinery sales/mergers……..which includes all those errors & omissions. China was good example where they only show ~44 Refineries (mostly Government) with 8 cokers and ~500MBD coker capacity. I’ve been chasing real numbers for about 3 years now which mentioned in last years recap where there are in fact ~87-92 coking refineries (~62 operating & 25 idle/partial idle) with 1.5-2.0 MMBD coker capacity/ 32MM mtpy petcoke capacity operating at 87% on government refineries & about 47% on independent refineries. Confirmation last year that petcoke production 2010 was 12MM mtpy & 2011 petcoke production was ~ 19.5MM mtpy!
Even though 2011 was end of 2006-2011 coking cycle on new coker additions – many on EPC & Planning list were delayed into the new coker cycle starting 2012-2017 some carryover is typical (like this years Motiva Pt Arthur, BP Whiting & several others) …… for your purpose most of these coker license would already have been in the 2010 count since the license would have been sold back in 2006-2008 time frame.
Sorry be vague but if this were easy – people would ask me …… and with so much one way communication at this site I’m not giving as many freebies anymore.

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