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RE: Preem seeks permits New Coker at Swedish Refinery

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Charles Randall

RE: Guest Question – Who is doing this job?
Why don’t you find out & post it for us?? I haven’t seen any updates in April-July time frame that quote anything more than what was in the Feb 2008 news release.
The project is waiting on both regulatory approval & permits for coker – so it is likely they want to get one or both of those before moving from planning into FEED or EPC stage.  Don’t think this will have problems with finance – Preem is Saudi owned (Preem is owned by Sheikh Mohammed H Al-Amoudi, an Ethiopian-born Saudi national who is Swedens largest private investor) and they already completed aseparate ~ 340 million investment at Lysekil upgrading in 2006 and just before Preem purchased Norsk Hydro’s 25% share Scranraff/Lysekil Refinery in Sept 2003,  Preem invested ~3.3 billion SEK in an Iso-cracker to convert fuel oil for low sulfur fuels.
I understand that Foster Wheeler did Feasibility study on coker (see their Annual report Winter 2005/2006 – has spot on Preem Lysekil/Scranraff Refinery Coker study) so I would expect they have good shot at doing the Coker Technology License on it.  Perhaps you could start with them.

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