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RE: Polar Bear Ruled Endangered – Back door Global Warm Tool in play

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Looks like the Oil industry sat on it’s duff and allowed the Polar Bear to become listed as Endangered, even though it is based on future 50 year weather projection . When have we ever believed these LT weather model projections?? 
But Interior Secretary Kempthorne did add a ruling that it would be “wholly inappropriate” to use the (Endangered Species Act) listing as a tool to reduce greenhouse gases, as environmentalists had intended to do.  NDRC & Greenpeace are already at work to remove the motion.
I cannot understand why Oil people aren’t at work to over turn the listing since it is the first time a thriving species has been put on the list based on extreme long term weather projection 50 years in the future!! 
Here is the news item link:
Polar Bear Is Made a Protected Species
[size=-1]New York Times, United States – May 14, 2008
[size=-1]Mr. Kempthorne said the Endangered Species Act was “never meant to regulate global climate change” and that it would be “inappropriate” to use the polar …  <see full news article at link: >
Link to article comparing sea ice & global temperature hockey stick look that eventually proved false for
“Gore” global warming graph, and has comparison of Russian ice data to current Polar Bear Sea Ice chart.

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