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RE: Petrojam adds new Vac Twr – Coker Add Update

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Charles Randall

Here is update on Petrojam coker Addition. It looks like the Petrojam expansion project (which includes a coker) jummped past FEED stage on project & into EPC stage (~30-40% done at end April) to take refinery crude capacity from 36MBD to 50 MBD  (at cost ~$600MM). The replacement of Vac Twr means they are targeting the first major bottleneck for both more/heavier crude supplies.
Completed startup should be finished by 2012 – think coker was to finish 2010-2011 (which means drums would also need to be on order given current lag time).
This is a very small refinery to be adding a coker and so you would expect capacity to be in 10-20 MBD range (ie coker ration ~0.4 max on 50MBD crude = 20 MBD) for heavy crudes – which they are targeting to reduce cost at the Kingston Refinery. My guess with all problems PDVSA is having & it’s attraction to other LA countries that Petrojam could run some Bitumen crude.
I would appreciate an email around any details on the coking unit?

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