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RE: Petro-Canada Montreal coker cost now $1B

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Charles Randall

Here is recent update on Petro-Canada’s Montreal coker project – sounds like the decision on the coker will be $600 million has almost doubled to $1 Billion (for 25 MBD coker this works out to be ~$25,000/BBL coker charge the high end scale) but as economics show the earnings at $130 million/year still pay out the investment to use the heavy crude.  The coker could be online by 2009 if project gets approved on current timeline.
This news flash also mentions the Petro-Canada $2B revamp at Edmonton where it is in the middle of expanding the refinery & an upgrader to process Canadian Heavy Bitumen crude. The cost on the 190 MBD refinery expansion are expected to also increase as result of the labor turmoil this summer at the site. <Think this started in 2006 and was to complete by 2008>
It was estimated that Petro-Canada had ~450 MBD of Bitumen production in 2006, which includes it’s ~12% ownership of Syncrude’s operation (and the startup of  Syncrude Stage III expansion which also increase PC’s share) & ~55% of Fort Hills project. (There was also some additional East Coast oil from ramp up of White Rose project but it was offset by 14 day turnaround at Terra Nova.)

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