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RE: PdV plans $12.9 B Capex Ref Ventures – Asian Partners

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Charles Randall

Here was update Argus about PdV & China projects  – decided to post  ( at first didnt want to talk about PDVSA using US assets & former crude discoveries/partner reserves to supply Cuba & China)!

There have been lot announcements about both Cuba projects & China involvement but very few examples of steel going into the ground (at least for VZ based projects). Having
China getting involved with Cuba is going to raise security issues with US at some point and maybe even start pressing case on Chavez privatization Oil Companies.

See earlier post that Petrobras postphoned its North Refineries for couple years (that PDVSA kept trying to get alternate supply for out this Junin 8 block)? Probably why Sinopec/CNPC pulled into area as well since the new Bitumen plant to make Orimulsion in China is up and running on first increments planned.

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