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RE: Orinoco Extra Heavy Crude Upgraders


Charles Randall

I will check on it and post an update news item about it soon for you. But I expect that they are similar to the global refining pattern of being at lows ~87% capacity levels for first half of 2007.
Capacity of 4 upgraders is ~ in the 640 MBPD range, they haven’t really been above the 600 MBPD target /goal’s and this year Chavez imposed OPEC cutbacks on the 4 upgraders in May (~100-138 MBD think) to help his negotiation with takeover to get majority share. One upgraders had accident, there were some July/August maintence outages & one sometime in September planned. <Overall not good production year>.
Think they have been in range of 418 – 482 MBD range during the May-Sept time frame but it is difficult to tell because PDVSA never makes it clear if they are talking heavy crude production or upgraded crude production from projects.  Also the quasi 5th upgrade production (ie old Orimulsion) that may or may not be included in totals.
Production lost this year won’t be made up on either upgraded crude or petcoke and difference in operation level is only starting to show.

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