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Charles Randall

This isn’t an Opinion on Nat Gas as a Solution – it is more propaganda and miss-information on the facts around Nat Gas.
The first falsehood is the soft-peddling the really bad environmental effects Hydrofracking Shale is having on US water resources and the second is this mix-up of facts on Nat Gas reserves & cost.
Nat Gas only has 298 TCF of PROVEN reserves – the 2,000 TCF is Estimates/UNPROVEN/Forecast of reserve size from the same industry folks that always over-estimate potentials. The Shale NG unproven estimates are about 1/3 or 616 TCF out of the 2000 TCF.  The US demand/production is about 19.8 TCF/year with 3 TCF coming from the Coal+Shale unconventional resources or ~10%. When you do the math on Proven vs Demand its only 10 years supply not the 100 years – that amount comes from assuming all 2,000 TCF is recoverable & will become proven a cross between fantasy & stupidity. There was a 10% increase in the non-conventional Shale production which happened at the same time NG demand remains low as result of destroying the Fertilizer & Chemical demand due to price spikes into the $10-14.5/MMBTU range.  This also points out that the 100 year supply depends on US demand staying at 2007 low levels which cannot happen within recovering US economy & large increase in use driven by these over-expectation of supply.
Now lets talk about the lack of environmental truths on the production of Nat Gas in these shale fields. You notice this liberal / clean energy based opinion on Nat Gas as the solution had a single sentence that mentioned some impact to water resources. The truth is that there is large crisis brewing from both the nat gas escaping into nearby water wells/streams/sources and from the fracture fluid that seeps or is improperly disposed of by companies like Noble Energy/Haliburton/Williams Energy/Cabot Oil & others. Worse no one is watching because Dick (good name for the guy) Chaney as VP pushed the addition into Energy Bill for excluding Nat Gas exploration from falling under clean water & other acts (Now called the Haliburton loop hole).
But you cannot blame it only on that adminstration because the current one continues the practice to push clean energy as way to shut down oil use in the US. The liberal press & media is also performing a defacto black out on this issue because they support the clean energy agenda – none of the lawsuits/issues from  homeowners/people impacted from nearby development in the nearly 30 states impacted by the developing companies like Noble & Haliburton who are becoming examples of why there needs to be oversight & control.  Luckily there are several independent film /documentary’s showing how these average folks water out of the faucet can be set on fire with match, or bubles in streams (looks like carbonated water) can also catch fire & have killed large numbers of birds/fishes/frogs ect. Nearly 40 Trillion Gallons of Frack fluid used in drilling in states like Colorado/Arkansas/Deleware/Wyoming & ect isnt being investigated by EPA or folks who are susposed follow dramatic changes like this.  Water was already on US critical list & before someone takes it serious it is going to go full crisis mode.
Everyone knows I am not fan of over-hyped environmental claims but this has become an expample that the liberals are just as bad as the Oil companies they bash at looking the other way when the end results achieve thier agenda.  

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